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Righteous hair, metal big hair performance at Project Infest

Documentary Fine Art Photos of Project Infest Warehouse in Los Angeles, CA by Julianne Lindsey. Project Infest was a punk rock music venue and art gallery started by Benjamin Riseman, Juli Lindsey, and friends Kelly, Justin and Nancy in August of 2009. It ran as a collective art and music studio live / work space until September 2010. Their mission was to bring together local and successful artists and musicians to inspire and showcase radical, independent art and music. The logo of a cockroach with "Multiply Infest" written inside a ring of circles represents Juli's belief in the power of staying underground, feeding off the scraps, never giving in, always coming back (and with a vengence!), and in the community and unity of individuals within a group to make the whole (represented by the circles). The Infest Warehouse was host to local punk bands such as: Deminishing Device, Kalifornia Taliban (including close members of the Project Infest community Tony "the Razor" Taliban, Otto Jihad, Brittany Beers and Ron McMurder, Sin Remidio, Underground Alliance, The Transers, Resistant Culture (during their Serpent Descends Fest, and which also included later member of Project Infest and founder of the urban permaculture garden in the parking lot), Piss 'n Blood, Bad Reaction, the Potential Lunachicks (members being kids of just 13 years old), Assrash, Naked Aggression, A Pretty Mess, Evil Beaver, Yeastie Boys, Cat Party, Deep Eynde, Star Fucking Hipsters (on their Cracktober Fest tour), Nino Zombie, Hiding Inside Victims, Against Empire, Filth Tribe, Legal Weapon, Greed, Neighborhood Watch, Rabia Al Systema (with Project Infest member Brujo), Politikill and Gallery--both including Project Infest artist in residence Alex LiCausi, SMD, The Runts, Society's Parasites, Homesick Abortions, and Battle Flask. Well-known and legendary punk rock bands also performed at the South Central underground venue: 45 Grave, Decry, The Stains, Battalion of Saints, TSOL. Some D-Beat bands: D-clone, NerveSkade, Vakraant, Rayos X, Dead Noise, Kruel, and Tuberculosis. Ska groups: Rudie's Paradise, the 5th Wave, Rudo Movimiento, Suicycos, Viernes 13, Cafe Con Tequila, Ekolekua, Los Rudos, Rumboogie, Los Arambula, Raiz Organica, Cuarto Periodo, Los Hijos Del Sol. Metal bands: Obscene Carnage, Temple of Dagon, Doom Siren, Hell Bastard, Warcola, Christ on Parade, Attitude Adjustment, Deviated Instinct, and Phobia. The Infest Warehouse also featured ritual punk rock Sunday dodgeball games, started the DD All-Girls Dodgeball league and Manifest Magazine. Juli Lindsey is a freelance photographer and digital archivist specializing in Adobe Lightroom in Los Angeles, CA. She received her BA from the University of Southern California (USC) in 2008 and is currently working for Docuvitae Photography and assisting sculptor Peter Shelton. Juli documents the unseen, rowdy and ecclectic subcultures of Los Angeles as well as expresses an inner landscape through the exploration of the city's gritty, dirty, concrete and metal urban environment. She is fascinated by decay, consumption and waste and self-destruction, and works with mixed mediums such as digital and film photography, collage, performance, installation, drawing and painting.

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